Phrase Scrambler

Scramble a phrase randomly to try to find anagrams
How to use: enter a phrase below, then hit Scramble. Use the Delete phrase button to remove the scrambled phrases you do not find useful. If you want to lock in a sequence of characters, such as a word you see, enter it in the 'Use' textbox. Use the Save text button to add it to list of saved texts. You can also select some text and use the Copy button to copy text into the Use textbox. Select and deselect the saved texts you want to use when generating phrases.
If there is an overlap in letters, though, the generated phrase will not consist of a perfect set of the letters in the original phrase. Look for the warning symbol Warning symbol to identify this happening. If a checkmark Checkmark symbol appears after the scrambled text, the generated text comprise the selected texts and no letters from the original phrase was used.

This work is dedicated to the public domain. Use at your own risk.

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