A Game of Business, Politics and Intrigue
Welcome to the world of the rich and powerful.
Plutocracy is the strategic card game where you, as a serial investor, strive to build your financial fortune, using your wealth and political influence to dominate and crush your opponents.
  • Invest in new technologies to build up your companies
  • Use your new-found wealth to manipulate the corridors of power, or create attestations to your persona
  • Exert your political influence and amass even greater wealth and power
  • But beware economic or political shifts that could wipe out your fortune, and your political clout
In this world reward does not come without risk. Misstep and you could lose everything. But play your cards right and you'll rule the Plutocracy!
There are three kinds of cards in Plutocracy:
1 The companies, representing 28 distinct companies in five different sectors.
2 The actions, which you use to improve your companies or gain special favor.
3 Events, representing shifts in the economy or the political landscape.

Use the dollar token to represent your monetary capital and the gun token to represent your political clout. Plutocracy uses the value token, marked with the Chinese symbol for value (价), to track the success of the companies and other outfits, such as foundations.
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